This is where we explain what’s up with the whole Binary Dolphin blog thing. This blog is about coding, software engineering, computer science, technology and society, computational thinking, and using computational approaches to understand the world around us.

If that’s not enough information for you, you’re probably related to me. You can also read the inaugural blog post

Site Credits

(Although a page like this is sometimes called a Colophon, this is NOT a Colophon).

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Developed and deployed on Ubuntu.

Our theme was originally based on pelican-simplegrey.

We author our CSS using scss. We compile SCSS into CSS3 using pysassc. The SCSS/pysassc build process is managed by dmk.

Our entire compile/develop/deploy cycle is powered by make. When deploying, we use OpenSSH server and client (which includes scp) and rsync.

We serve this site with the Caddy webserver. We get our artisan TLS certificates fresh from Let’s Encrypt.

Header image from unsplash.com by photographer Jeremy Ricketts under the CC0 license.

We write in Markdown. Pelican parses Markdown with Python Markdown.

Article social sharing buttons almost entirely based on sharingbuttons.io/.

We use these Pelican plugins:

We use these libraries directly (Pelican might use others):

Clean Python dependency management is handled with the most excellent poetry. We use the latest Python 3 installation with pyenv

Google font Nunito is our live display font. We use Source Serif Pro for our print media style.

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